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I am a native of Kansas City, Missouri where I live with the my favorite person in the World, my wife, Maura Cluthe. We have a couple of pets – a dog, Lucy, and a cat, Luna. I read incessantly – just about anything I can get my hands on. I have a B.S in Philosophy. I played tuba in high school. I’m a self-taught Mac geek. I first discovered the internet in the form of a BBS at my first job as a technology assistant for the special education department of a local school district. I am now employed by the Kansas City Art Institute as the Director of Campus Technology. I also do computer consulting on the side, specializing in Mac and other Apple products.

I am a collector of interesting things: art, toy VW Beetles, vinyl collectible toys, vinyl records, rubber balls, Lego Bricks, books, multi-function tools – the list goes on and on. The rule of thumb in our house is if you own three or more of something, it’s a collection.

I run Jake Fowler Consulting, a small, part-time Macintosh Consulting business and my wife and I do a little web design/coding as 2-bit Design.

I am also a practicing pogonotrophist.