I found this poem written inside a book I was using for a class poject in Psychology in high school. I never knew who it was written by (we lacked the unternet in those days). After some searching today I found out it was written by James Kavanaugh and not only that but there was a part missing from the beginning. There is just something very familiar about these words. I have kept them with me from the first day I read them.

Walk easy on the earth:

Each life has its own fragile rhythm,
To be aware of it is to understand,
To ignore it is to abandon oneself to sadness.
It is to search vainly for the wholeness
That only comes in surrender to what is.

Walk Easy on the Earth:

Too much seriousness obscures beauty,
Intensity blinds and distorts ones face,
Excessive ambition destroys true perception.
It is not hard work or suffering that debilitates
but a loss of contact with oneself.

Walk Easy on the Earth:

Anger clouds vision and rage shortens life,
Laughter is the greatest gift of the free spirit;
To laugh at oneself and all of lifeand thus to see clearly. 

Walk Easy on the Earth:

Love is waiting to reveal itself when it is time,
One cannot create it despite the most noble intent,
Any other love, regardless of time or commitment,
Will only be doomed and painful.

This above all: Walk Easy on the Earth!

by James Kavanaugh

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