Hey. Life is moving fast these days. It’s funny, you go for weeks, just stagnating, thinking, “where am I going?”, and then everything happens at once. My business is really picking up. I’m in the beginning stages of starting a new one, a web design agency. I’m going to spend some time in Fayette, Missouri helping some friends rebuild an old house they just bought. I’m trying to learn CSS, PHP, and MySQL, at least the basics. You know what’s really cool? I have always believe in the “Follow you Bliss” thing, basically, if you do what you really love, things will work out, if you truely believe in what you are doing. The problem was, I lost my bliss for a long time, or at least lost touch with what it was. I have it now. I LOVE this. I love helping people this way, I’m good at it, I know this stuff! I should quit being so amazed that things are actually working out. W00T!

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