Today I went through all of my boxes of stuff and threw at least half of it away. I am a big packrat. I save everything. Or I used to anyway. One of the major finds I made was a couple boxes full of letters from friends in high school and college. I say friends, but most of them were from girlfriends. In fact a majority were from one girl in particular. I won’t rehash the relationship here but it’s strange looking at and reading some of those letters. She professed her undying love, and I’m sure I did the same. And look at where we are now. Not that I regret how it turned out. I don’t think I’d want to be where she is now and vice-versa. But those feelings were true and very intense for a while. Is it then, the nature of all relationships to fade over time? I’m not doing so well with my current one and it’s a marriage. It’s supposed to be lifelong, unending, “until death do us part.” So what happened?

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