Great, now I’m getting a cold. Just what I need, We had a good weekend in Lebanon. The setup went pretty well, and the breakdown was fast with the help of all the kids. I didn’t see Shelly, didn’t really have the time nor the inclination. It was odd being down there. I watched a basketball game with her in the gym that we set up the prom in. I really like the people I went down there with, especially Pat and Donna. It seems like I have known them for a long time. After we got back from Lebanon, I called Brian and they were having a “problematic setup” in the Weston, so I went by on my way home and helped. They were impressed. It wasn’t even that late of a night, I was home by 11:00. They apparently had a hard weekend; most of them were working with one hour of sleep. Now we have three trucks to unload, but I think we’re doing that tomorrow.

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