Yeah. I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been very busy and too tired to think by the time I have some free time, which is kinda nice. This weekend should be interesting. I may be going to Lebanon, Missouri. In fact, I talked to Shelly for the first time in years yesterday morning with MSN Messenger. I had noticed that the last email I had for her was a hotmail account and decided to pop her into my contact list. The next morning, there she was, I told her I might be coming down and asked her if it would be weird to see each other. She said probably, but that’s okay. I don’t know why I do this sort of thing to myself, but maybe it will help me finally get over what she did to me. I don’t really think I have. It hurt a lot. In fact, I started drinking – for the first time – when she dumped me and got engaged to a high school sweetheart. She’s still married and has two kids. She’s working as the youth pastor at her church. I am glad we didn’t stay together, I couldn’t handle small town life like that. I think, when it comes down to it, that was out biggest difference. She was a small town girl. but man, I had never felt something quite like that, both when we were together and when she broke it off.

First true love and first true heartbreak. Maybe I can let myself get over it, if I see her this weekend.

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