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I worked hard today helping set up and break down for a wedding. My new career? My brother’s a DJ and he got this part time gig setting up lights, etc. for events – weddings, proms, stuff like that. Lots of money in it from what it sounds like. It’s kind of like being a roadie, except for the glam, I guess. It’s hard work, but fun. Gotta go in tonight at midnight to break down, which should take 3-4 hours. Late, late night, long day. But it’s a paycheck, which have been in short supply lately.
It’s sort of ironic that I’m was setting up a wedding today. My 5 year anniversary is in 5 days. Not that there is anything to celebrate right now. I’m trying to face the reality of the situation and it’s been difficult. We’ve been separated for almost 9 months now. When will I admit that it’s over? When will I decide it’s time to move on and get my life started again?

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