A few more Tweaks and some NEWS

I have now spent the first half of my Friday off killing some bugs on my site. I’m not complaining, I love doing this, but it’s a beautiful day outside, in the middle of November, I should be out there!
I also added a pix page with a random sampling of my Flickr photos, it pulls 9 random photos from my collection, all with a link to the original.

Also, I have some freakin’ awsome news:
I have an interview next week for a Mac Support position at the Kansas City Art Institute! At this point in my life, I can’t imagine a better job! I get to geek out and hang out with some incredible talented people while I do it! I’ll ya’ll know how it goes!

Update: The interview is now set for next Tuesday at 3:30. Send me the good Juju, if you have some to spare!

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