This morning I made one of the most difficult calls I have made in a while. I called the vet to schedule euthanasia for my cat, Calypso. She stopped eating much about two weeks ago. She’ll lick at the wet food I give her a little, but nothing much goes down. I took her to the vet a couple days ago to have her checked out and he thought he felt tumors growing back. She’s lost a lot of weight very quickly – mostly muscle mass. She can’t walk well at all, sways and falls with every step. The amazing thing is, she’s not complaining one bit. She just sits there and purrs when I pet her.

I got her in the summer of ’92, after my sophomore year in college. She was so small I could hold her in one hand. She was very energetic; she used to be able to jump a foot and a half in the air! She loves straws, string and the strips of plastic that seal milk jugs, but has no time for toys made specifically for cats.

She’s slept most of the day today. I gave her some ham at lunchtime and she seemed to like that, she ate a little bit of it.

I just hope I’m making the right decision, it’s so hard to know what’s best. She can’t tell me what she wants. It just sucks. It’s so hard to say goodbye – she’s been a huge part of my life for so long.

Goodbye Calypso
Goodbye Calypso

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  1. i know this was a hard decision, sweetie, but i think you made the right one. she is no longer suffering. i miss her too. she was a feisty one! xo, m

  2. I know it’s terribly late, but Ana and I really empathize and hope you’re doing well. Calypso was a very good girl, and we always enjoyed taking care of her too.
    Sadly, my brother also lost his kitty in December too; vet called it ‘Sudden Cat Death’. My brother said his cat was literally running around and must have had a heart attack.

    We’re wishing you the best this year, Jake.

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