– U.S. official: North Korea tests long-range missile

From CNN :

North Korea launched a long-range Taepodong-2 missile early Wednesday in an apparently unsuccessful test that failed in flight, a senior State Department official said.

North Korea also tested at least two smaller missiles, U.S. sources told CNN.

Both missiles were launched from a site other than the one intelligence officials have watched for weeks ahead of the long-range missile test, a senior State Department official said.

The United States, Japan and other countries have warned North Korea against a long-range missile test, saying such a move would be considered a provocation.

On Monday, Pyongyang’s state-run media carried a report accusing the United States of harassing North Korea and vowing to respond to any pre-emptive attack “with a relentless annihilating strike and a nuclear war with a mighty nuclear deterrent.”

Woo hoo! Another war!(sarcasm, as if you didn’t know). Why do I get the feeling that this news is making someone in the White House very happy.

This scares me more than any other situation in the World right now.

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