Creepy crawly blanket – Technology is just amazing

I’m not even sure what to say. Very cool, very creepy.

From Engadget:

You’ve might have to be a real shlob to think a “robotic blanket sculpture” would be warm, comfy and dare we say, snuggly, but yes, that is what we were thinking when we first checked out the robotic blankie. All we can say is read the fine print, since the blanket is equipped with a wireless receiver, a PIC microprocessor, and a camera that detects the bodies lying beneath it. When the bodies beneath the blanket move the blanket uses pressure sensors to creep around and squirm across the moving users. We know this would be a perfect plot device for some low budget horror flick, so with that known we vow we will never sleep in the same room as the thing, let alone sleep under its shuddering weight lest it decide to smother its human master.

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