Done moving (almost)!

We’re almost done moving! Just got my computer set up, it’s nice to know that we already have internet access, usually it’s the other way around. We still have a few small things at the loft and we have to clean it. But all of the big stuff is moved! Now we get to move it all around and unpack. Most of the boxes are where they need to go, just some heavy boxes of books still need to be moved, when I recover from the rest of it. It took us about eight hours, with eight people to move 1.5 miles – three 15 foot truck loads. Not too shabby.

The dogs are liking the new place, they have a bit of a yard. Lucy has a adapted a little quicker than Ben, he’s still a little skittish. Calypso loves it of course, her inner kitten is having a blast exploring all the new hiding places.

Oh well, back to unpacking, I’ll work on some photos maybe once we get a little more organized, and I can find the camera…

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