Don’t Make Me Angry…

I just spent 30 hours in isolation, with nothing to entertain me but my mind – good thing it wasn’t totally unfamiliar territory. I had a dose ofRadioactive Iodine to get any remnants of the thyroid cancer that they found when they removed my thyroid a few weeks ago. I’ll have a scan in a week and that evening I’ll be able to start my synthroid again – I should start to feel human again very soon!

I am literally radioactive – the nuclear med guy came by with a geiger counter to make sure my radiation level was low enough to go home. He pointed it away from me and it was silent, he pointed it at me and it went nuts-o. It’s a little freaky – I’ll be slightly radioactive for several months, but it gets lower every second. For the first few days have to be careful about getting any bodily fluids on anyone – can’t work out at the gym, can’t use the same towel as anyone, and yes, that’s right, no peeing on anyone.

In all honesty, I don’t feel any different, just tired from not being on the synthroid. I will be able to start that again in less than a week. Unless they happen to find something in the scan they do next Thursday, which of course, they won’t – my mom told me that she won’t let them. Mom’s are great that way…

I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch with everyone. Work has been busy and when I get home, I crash pretty early. Most days I’m in bed by 8:00PM. I can’t wait to start the synthroid again.

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  1. No apologies. I’m glad you’re home. I’m calling you tomorrow, but if you’re not up to it that’s fine. Know that my family and I are thinking of you and wishing you well. Rest and take care of yourself.

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