Thirty-seven years ago today, at about 1:00PM, the most significant event of my life took place. It would form the basis of all other events in my life. Every single person I have met has been affected in some manner. Everything I have ever done – none of it could have happened if not for this event. Yes, thirty-seven years ago today, I was born into this world. I have to say, life’s been pretty good so far. Particularly the last several years, thanks to my amazing wife, Maura. She got me this awesome new (old) tin toy Beetle to add to my growing collection!

My new Red VW Beetle

As is happens, tomorrow the second most significant event in my life happened. I didn’t know it at the time, but this event would change my life in more ways than any other event, besides the one I mentioned above. Yes, thirty-seven years ago tomorrow, my awesome, beautiful, talented, smart, kind, generous, playful, silly, colorful wife, Maura Cluthe, was born into this world. Thank you, Maura, for making life so wonderful.

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