Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, I know. I’m a few days late. Better late than never I guess. I hope all Y’all ate way too much on Turkey Day, I know I did – I’m still digesting!

We went to my mom’s for the day. My brother an his fiance/girlfriend/whatever were there as well, although not for long. He was being his usual jackass self, but they pretty much ate and ran, so it wasn’t too bad.

After dinner we went to see the new James Bond flick. It was very good but one little thing really ruined it for me. It was supposed to be kind of a prequel – his first mission, his first kills, his first women. All of that was part of it and it was interesting – but they totally ruined the idea with the time period that it all took place in. It was pretty much set in now – modern cars (HOT Aston Martin, both of them!) – modern tech (Sony Ericsson phones and laptop). I really liked the story, and the action sequences were great, even the movie length didn’t bother me. But why bother making it a prequel if you’re not going to go all the way? They did it with Batman Begins, and it worked well. Product placement was probably a huge factor there, profit, money… Stupid Hallywood.

Anyway, hope everyones holidays are going well. Less than a month ’til Christmas! I guess I had better start shopping soon…

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