Health Blog!

I promise not to make this into some sort of health blog, but it is presumably about my life and this is a pretty major part of said life.

I went to the doctor yesterday and he was mostly pleased with my BP. It’s lower, but not low enough. he told me the best way to fight high blood pressure is to lose some weight. Now, I am by no means overweight. In fact, I lost three pounds over the last two weeks simply by eating a little healthier. I could stand to lose a few, but the doc told me 150 would be an ideal weight for me. I haven’t been 150 since high school. I was thinking 165ish, 150 would be skin and bones! I’m actually kind of tempted to try, just to see if I can, but it would mean a significant financial investment in some new clothes! We’ll see, I’ll continue to eat healthy, try to work out a little, and see what happens.

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