Jiggity Jig

We’re home! I’m seriously ready to move. Even with the rain, it’s beautiful up there in the Great Northwest. We spent our last day with my aunt and uncle driving historic highway 84. My mom had showed me pictures of a recent trip, but until you’ve been there yourself, you can’t appreciate it. Several waterfalls, gorgeous scenery, incredible views of the Columbia River. Wow. I’ll post some pictures later today on my Flickr.

For dinner we went to McMenamins’ Power Station Pub and Theatre at Edgefield. The McMenamin brothers have bought many run down properties in Oregon and Washington and converted them into breweries, hotels, and restaurants – often all three at the same location. Edgefield was the Multnomah County Poor Farm. Residents operated a self-sufficient environment, raising hogs, poultry, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables, operating a dairy, cannery and meat packing plant as well as working in the laundry, kitchen and hospital. Check out their site for more of the cool stuff they’ve done. It makes me think that our local Boulevard Brewery could look into doing some cool things like this. I’d absolutely eat at a Boulevard restaurant.

The puppos were so happy to see us walk in the door! Since the normal dogsitter, my mom, was in China, we used Critter Sitters for the first time, and although we were a little nervous about it, the dogs enjoyed staying home – they were probably a little spoiled with walks every day. It was nice knowing that someone was checking on the house twice a day. She even grabbed the mail and watered the plants. We’ll definitely use them again. Calypso stayed at the vet, since she was still recovering from the surgery. She’s doing well – she had to have another small surgery – part of the previous surgery wasn’t healing correctly. So she has another set of stitches to come out in a week. But she’s doing very well for her age. She’s actually lost a little weight, which is a good thing.

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