Mike Doughty live at the Grand Emproium

I called in sick and spent the day recovering, sleeping until noon. I went to see Mike Doughty with my bud John/Jack since Maura was out of town. It was great to see him live, but the crowd seemed to be comprised mostly of, in John’s words, Frat Boys and Frat Girls. It was a young crowd, but it could be that I’m just old. I drank and smoked a little too much, and paid for it today, but it was fun – absolutely worth it.
I do have to say, it’s a damn shame what they did to the Grand Emporium. I hadn’t been there in several years, and it was a great dive. Band posters from years past covering the walls; it had been like that forever. As Jack said, the only decor change they ever made was adding a new poster to the wall. Now it’s all swanky, expensive tile, lighting, and flat screen TV in the walls, playing movies the whole time Mike was playing – at least they had the sound off.

Mike Doughty rocks

Quick update: Mike just posted an entry on his blog about the Kansas City show. We impressed him!

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