One Hundred Pushups

Maura and I quit the gym we had been going to – a good friend of mine had an unfortunate interaction with the owner (I won’t provide details, but the owner could have handled the situation better), and in all honesty, we hadn’t been in a while. A couple weeks ago a ran across and lacking any other physical exercise, we decided to try it. It’s a progressive pushup training program, each week you are required, and able to do a few more, until after the sixth week, you should be able to one hundred pushups in one go, with no breaks. I managed to do twenty-five in the initial test, which surprised me. At the end of the first week I did sixty-three with breaks.

We just started our second week and I definitely feel a difference. Right after doing them my arms feel like jelly, but the pain I felt when I first started, which lasted for a few days, is gone. I don’t hurt at all after a new set.

I realize that it’s far from a complete workout regimen, but it’s a start.

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