Rumors of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated

No, I’m not dead. I realize that that last post sounded pretty serious, and it was, but I’m doing fine. My BP was still high after a few days on the new drugs and changing my diet, so I called the doctor back and he doubled my dosage of one of the drugs. I’ve been really tired and a little shaky, but other than that I’m fine. When your BP drops as quickly as mine has been, that’s normal.

Last week was a really busy week, it’s the last week before all the students get back to school, so there were a lot of last minute things that had to be done, and all the projects I had been working on the last month had to be finished. Thankfully, I finished most of them before the entire network went down. Apparently, it will be down at least until the late Monday afternoon, if not later. Wee! I love unstable centralized networks! Can’t print, can’t email, students can’t log on with their server user folders. Great way to start a semester.

I’m having fun though, it’s an awesome job. Lately it’s been feeling like I have so much to do and the days just keep on flying by before I get to it all. It’s much better than the alternative though, I know that for a fact.

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