Seriously, does this crap actually work?

I’m sure all of you have recieved this spam, or something similar. I’ve decided to capture one, for posterity:


This letter might come as a surprise to you especially since we have never
met before .The message might sound strange but it is a fact and reality
if only you care to know.The truth is that i should have notified you first
through a more confidential means,(even if it’s at least to respect your
integrity)please my humble apologies if i had caught you unawares.

I frankly do not mean any harm in passing my goodwill mail for investment.Before
I proceed further,I think it will be fine at this juncture to introduce

I am Mrs ASTRADA EMILE ALINTAH a (Camerounia),the
second wife to Chief ESOM ALINTAH , Before his death he was the chairman
of FORTUNE GROUP and many other numerous ventures . He was also the Secretary
General of (AFRICA BUSINESS ROUND TABLE), while still on active duty. I
am contacting you in view of the fact
that we will be of great assistant to each other
likewise developing a cordial business relationship.

Before, the death of my husband as earlier aforementioned I was the second
wife while the first was an American her name Mrs Millicent Esom Alintah
we both had two kids each. After the death of our husband she used her position
as the first wife to claim all the viable assets and money of Chief ESOM
ALINTAH even my husband family couldnt help matters because they were
fighting for their own share of the properties.

Then while mourning my late husband in our country Home, I saw in one
of his private rooms and I succeeded i opening it and saw some documents
where my husband deposited the sum of ($10.5 million USD)Ten Milion, Five
Hundred Thousand United State Dollars with a Security Company in which
the consignment was deposited as precious stones and solid gold bar with
an open beneficiary belonging to a foreign expatriate.

And due to the situation then I acted fast to withdraw the documents and
handed them over the documents to my (attorney) pending when I will round
up with my husband families and their traditional rite etc. Now that I am
free to start life again and with advise from my attorney I decided to seek
for a reliable, trustworthy and God fearing person that will stand as the
beneficiary of the aforementioned funds.

I shall expect you to contact me urgently to enable us finalize in detail
about this God given opportunity because I hope in investing the money in
any profitable business e.g. real Estate or shoe Manufacturing industry
and also going into partnership business with you.

I believe by virtue of your personality that you are capable to assist me
due to my latest predicament bearing in mind that your assistance is needed
to transfer this fund into your account. I propose a commission of 20% (20%
percent) of the total sum to you for the expected services and assistance.

More details and pictures will be sent to you as soon as your response is

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and
sympathy.I will send my pictures to you upon your urgent reply and will
contact my lawyer to open a communication with you.

Really it is hard to believe because of what is happening around the world
but it is the truth that i have just told you in confidence and with believe
that you will understand me from your sincere heart.

Your urgent response is highly needed as soon as
possible.I must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise the utmost
indulgence to keep this matter very confidential, whatever your decision,while
I await your prompt response.Please reply me on this email address(
as soon as possible and don’t ever take it as an internet joke or have a
negative thinking over this,helping is in the mind and very spiritual.If
you think you can,you can.


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