Snow Day

For the first time in my life, I’m kind of disappointed that school was canceled due to snow. I don’t have to go to work today and I’m kind of sad about it. Obviously the job’s going well. I’ve been told a couple of times that I solved several problems in one week that it’s taken months to not fix. I do have more dedicated time to solving said problems – it’s my job after all, but still they’re impressed. I’m happy it’s working out so well. Imagine getting paid to play all day; that’s about what it feels like. I’m surrounded all day by all these wonderful toys tools. Not to mention the people – super-talented, laid back, and fun!

When I met Maura, I thought I couldn’t get any happier, but now I have a dream job too. I’m about to explode with happiness! Can life possibly get any better?

One thought on “Snow Day”

  1. awesome, man!
    i wish i had a job like that! i bet it beats the hell out of having people trample eachother for the last set of lights!
    oh well!
    congrats and we’ll see you both soon!

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