So much to say, so little time

Yeah, I know, flimsy excuse – I should make time to post. It has been a busy Spring working on several websites, including Maura’s, celebrating our one year wedding anniversary with a weekend at the Raphael and getting tattooed (see below). The school year also ended at work which means we can get some long term projects and goals accomplished now that most of the users are gone. The next two months are looking pretty busy as well with an almost total redesign of one of my first sites and a site for an up and coming Seattle band on the horizon. I’m not complaining one bit – my life has never been this good. I’m as in love as when we first met, if not more. I’m very happy at work – I should even be getting a raise in the near future. And Fridays off start very soon – can’t beat a summer full of three day weekends!

Tonight we’re going to see The Heartless Bastards at The Record Bar. We saw the The Decemberists a few weeks ago – it was a killer show. There’s even a chance that we’ll go to the Austin City Limits Music Festival next Fall – check out that line-up and tell me you wouldn’t give your left #$%$@&&* to go.

Enough rambling for now – Ya’ll take it easy!

One thought on “So much to say, so little time”

  1. ACL Fest is going to be grrrrrrrrr-eat! I hope you guys can come down for it! The schedule has been posted..I’ll email it to ya!

    fyi: BOTH the decemberists AND the heartless bastards are on the bill!!

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