Spring Has Sproinged

Or something like that, although you wouldn’t know it from the cold rainy weather we’ve had the last few days. But! My birthday is Friday, Maura’s is on Saturday, and we’re having some friends over to celebrate.

On a sad note, I have suffered a grave loss. On Monday, March 21, 2005, my three year old, 2G, 20GB iPod died, it’s battery will not charge. My old friend, I miss you! Fortunately, I’m getting a newer! better! battery for my birthday – one with a 20 hour capacity!

Other than that, things are chugging as things tend to do. I hope it warms up soon, I’m ready to put away my winter coat and long sleeves for a while.

One thought on “Spring Has Sproinged”

  1. Sorry, man. At least it can be fixed. I love my iPod too, so I know how devastated you must be. Still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 🙂 Many happy returns.

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