Surgery Countdown

I should be writing something about my upcoming surgery, but to be honest, I don’t want to. Every time I think about it, or talk about it, I dread it just a little bit more. I had been doing a good job of not thinking about it too much, until I went to the hospital for some pre-op tests. Then I told people at work why I was going to be out next week, and of course everyone wants details – out of concern, I understand that – and I don’t mind telling them. It’s just that I have to face the reality when I talk about it and it stresses me out. Avoidance isn’t going to make it go away, but it helps me not obsess about it. Avoidance seems healthier than obsession to me.

So, I’m not going to talk about having my throat slit open. I’m not going to talk about the cold, sterile operating room – literally and figuratively. I’m not going to talk about the cart sitting next to the operating table with a nightmarish collection of tools used to slice body parts open. I’m not going to talk about the drifting off feeling that anesthesia gives you, rendering you totally helpless and at the mercy of the doctor. I’m not going to talk about the needles taped to my arm. I’m not going to talk about the drainage tube hanging out of my neck.

Seriously, I’m sure everything will go well. I’ll feel a thousand times better once it’s all over with. The surgeon that’s doing it is probably the best in the area – he does over 250 of these operations a year. I’m in very good hands.

I’ll let everyone know how it went as soon as I can. I’ll be spending at least one night there, maybe two, depending on my calcium levels. I’ll be on pain drugs when I get home, I’m sure, but as soon as I can use the computer, I’ll post an update.

2 thoughts on “Surgery Countdown”

  1. At least you won’t have a recovery scenario like Tom Cruise in Minority Report!
    We’re pulling for you, and will be thinking about you on Tuesday!

  2. But Jake, I kind of liked talking to you when you were on drugs last time. 🙂 Seriously, I think you have a totally healthy attitude about it, and I’m really glad you’ve got good care. I’ll be thinking of you this week and sending good ju-ju your way.

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