Various Random updates

I’ve been sick for almost a week, with the nasty flu that’s been all the craze lately. It’s a bad one, I was in bed for three days and most of a fourth. I’m still pretty worn out, but I am going to work next week. I missed four days last week. Avoid this flu at all costs, it’s the worst you’ve ever felt. I reread the fifth Harry Potter book between naps.

We bought tickets to see Manty Python and the Holy Grail at the Screenland Theatre – on the big screen! It was a blast! I had never seen it on a the big screen like that before, and I hadn’t seen it in a while. It’s amazing how many lines I had memorized still – Monty Python helped me survive high school. Ecki Ecki Ecki Ecki fklang zoomp boingesm zaoesm!

In other news, we finally got most of our save the date cards put together to go out in the mail tomorrow. WooHoo!

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