We’re Buying a House!

I wanted to wait until we were more sure of what was happening. Yes, it’s true! We’re buying a house. The house you see below is in the West Plaza area, pretty close to where Maura and I first lived together. It’s a 80 year old bungalow-ish house, smaller than what we’re currently renting, but plenty of space for us. The current owners are friends who are moving to Portland. She works with Maura, and he is an architect/designer. They’ve made all sorts of improvements to the house and it’s perfect for us – the kitchen is like something out of Dwell.

We’ll be finishing off the attic for Maura to use as a studio very soon. She’ll have to work in the garage until we do. We’re very excited, although the prospect of moving, yet again, doesn’t thrill me. This will be the fifth time in two years that I’ve moved. It should be the last move for a good long while!

2 thoughts on “We’re Buying a House!”

  1. That is so very awesome! I love the kitchen, and the attic looks like it will be perfect for Maura! Congratulations! When do you move?

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