Why is it

that when I can’t have something, I crave it? I hadn’t been eating all that unhealthy, I don’t even like fast food, at least not the way it makes me feel after eating it. But now I pass by a McDonalds and drool. FRIESSSS! Human nature I guess. I do feel better, I’m actually feeling a little more fit. I just wish these drugs, and the lack of caffeine weren’t wearing me down so much. It’s supposed to level off at some point, I guess, but I’ve been crashing early at night lately. I took a nap earlier tonight, not quite by choice – I just drifted into lala land. The good news is, my BP is right at normal now, so something is working. i just need to exercise more, and make sure I stay healthy for a good long while.

One thought on “Why is it”

  1. go, jake, go! you can do it. and really, mcdonald’s french fries just don’t taste as good as we thought they tasted when we were six-year-olds. really. i made the mistake not too long ago and was truly disgusted and embarrassed someone might see me pulling out of the drive-thru. you’re not missing anything!

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