Words I like II

Today’s word is just fun to say – Ointment. Try it! It’s kind of a gross word, if you think about it too much, so I try not to – I just say it. It’s useful to shout out at random moments, in meetings, at weddings, etc. Do it and watch the fun ensue! A good friend of mine introduced me to the utter gratification of this word. He has a particular way of saying it that no one has been able to duplicate – kind of like the unique way your mom can say your name when she’s annoyed.

One thought on “Words I like II”

  1. After living in Chicago, one becomes fondly attached to the word ‘douchebag’; the ‘a’ is pronounced like an ‘e’.

    In fact, one episode of the TBS show ‘My Boys’ recently had the highest douchebag-to-adjective ratio for the words spoken in 30 minutes. Quite possibly a record, in all it’s glorious douchiness. Here’s a clip

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