About Me

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I’m a native of Kansas City, Missouri where I live with my wife, Maura Cluthe, and our dog Rosie. Growing up, I was literally surrounded by music. My father owned a music store, The Music Box, where he sold every musical instrument you can imagine. I played many of them but finally settled on the tuba/sousaphone. Though I haven’t played in years, I am an avid listener with fairly eclectic taste.

I’m a self-taught geek, beginning with a Mac Plus to edit my college newspaper and yearbook. I first discovered the internet in the form of a BBS at my first job as a technology assistant for the special education department of a local school district. I am now the Director of Campus Technology at the Kansas City Art Institute, where I’ve worked in various capacities for the past sixteen years.

My wife and I are collectors: art, toy VW Beetles, toy Robots, vinyl (toy and records), books, Legos, rubber balls, etc. The rule in our house is if you own three or more of a thing, it’s a collection. Though my wife, an artist and arts educator herself, would argue, I don’t really consider myself an artist. I like to doodle and dabble with photography but more as a hobby and stress reliever.