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If you didn’t already know, I have a soft spot in my heart for vintage VW’s – Ghias, Vans, Squarebacks, Things, but particularly Beetles. I have an extensive collection of toy VWs, mostly Bugs, only a portion of which I have the room to display. Someday I hope to photograph my collection and post it. We just buy a beautiful new display case which lives in our front entry so several more of my friends can live out in the open. They love sharing the space with Maura’s robots too!

display case with robots and vw bugs

The observant amongst you will notice that the walls are a different color. It’s a bad picture taken at night with a flash, so the color’s not 100% accurate but you get the idea. We did that last weekend, it needed new paint and we decided to go with something a little different.

However, none of that was what I really set out to write about. What I wanted to share with you was this:

VW vancake

From the original post:

Volkswagen parts specialist Just Kampers teamed up with artist Andy Saunders to produce the World’s Lowest VW Bus – also known as the Camper. The 3-foot (1 meter) tall VW Bus entitled “Vancake” that’s fully road legal was created by Saunders and his team in just three days during this past weekend’s (July 18 to 20) Bug Jam festival at the UK’s Santa Pod Raceway. Apart from lowering the roof the team also applied a custom paint job and an electric sunroof.

I love seeing the modifications people have made to their classic VWs. It’s great to see them restored to their original condition, but some of the mods are very creative and fun!


Thirty-seven years ago today, at about 1:00PM, the most significant event of my life took place. It would form the basis of all other events in my life. Every single person I have met has been affected in some manner. Everything I have ever done – none of it could have happened if not for this event. Yes, thirty-seven years ago today, I was born into this world. I have to say, life’s been pretty good so far. Particularly the last several years, thanks to my amazing wife, Maura. She got me this awesome new (old) tin toy Beetle to add to my growing collection!

My new Red VW Beetle

As is happens, tomorrow the second most significant event in my life happened. I didn’t know it at the time, but this event would change my life in more ways than any other event, besides the one I mentioned above. Yes, thirty-seven years ago tomorrow, my awesome, beautiful, talented, smart, kind, generous, playful, silly, colorful wife, Maura Cluthe, was born into this world. Thank you, Maura, for making life so wonderful.

No. 329 The Brat

Last November Jim Woodring posted a pen and ink drawing on his blog called The Brat featuring his characters Frank and Pupshaw. I commented on it asking him if it was for sale and now it’s on it’s way to our home! I can’t wait to see it in person! Jim Wooding is an amazingly talented artist. I love his aesthetic of surreal cartoon characters, and the bright colors he uses in his paintings are so vivid and happy! His work reminds me of the cartoons I grew up on and yet there’s something totally “other” about them. I like to look at them and wonder what the heck is going on.

I had bought Maura some limited edition plastic collectibles of Frank, Pupshaw, and Pushpaw a couple years ago. We’re excited to have an original work of Jim’s hanging on our wall!

Jim Woodring's The Brat

Jim Woodring’s The Brat

Road Rovers

I officially have another collection. The rule in our household is if you have three or more of anything, it’s a collection. I’ve had one of these for years – Scuttle Bug, the little yellow guy, second from the left. I found the Banana Bus in the River Market Antique Mall a couple years ago. This weekend I found three more in the Antique Mall in Lawrence – Fuzzmobile, Vroom Broom, and Carpool.

While I’m not one to collect items made by Hallmark, I love these little cars. They were made in 1975, 1983, 1984 and 1985 and I don’t think very many were produced. I keep my eye out for them whenever I go to an antique mall. They’re so colorful and cartoony – they make me happy! For more pictures, go check out my Flickr set!