Oh Oh It’s Magic!

After days of calling to check if my local Apple Store had the new Magic Mice in stock, I finally got a positive response: “Yes, we have a few in stock.”

I rushed out to my car, quickly drove (following all applicable traffic laws) to the Apple Store, walked in the door, barely responding to the warm greetings of the friendly Apple staff, headed straight to the peripheral section – lo and behold, an entire stack of beautifully packaged Magic Mice/Mouses.

I’ve been using this mouse for roughly two hours. Visually, it is beautiful. If it can be said of a computer peripheral, this is one sexy mouse.

It’s got a very solid feel and the low profile is very comfortable. Scrolling with it feels like it should be counterintuitive, but it isn’t “Wait, there’s no scroll wheel, oh yeah, that doesn’t matter.” It scrolls just like you expect it to, even better because it has a momentum option which is just like the iphone scrolling – you don’t have to work as hard. I’ve been using the smart and powerful SmartScroll to supplement my scrolling needs, and will continue to do so, since it still works well with my laptop’s trackpad. Two fingered swiping for navigation works better than I expected, since it takes only a very light touch – you won’t be moving the mouse every time you swipe.

The only downside I see so far is the fact that it has no extra buttons like the old Mighty Mouse or countless other third party brands. If you were using those for Space, the Dashboard, etc., you will have to revert to using the keyboard. Although, since the Magic Mouse is a touch sensitive device, Apple could add more gestures/finger actions later through software updates.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a Apple/gadget junkie, I just bought Wacom’s Bamboo Pen and Touch a couple of weeks ago, but I really like this mouse. Sometimes I wish Apple would quit making such cool stuff. Well, no, no I don’t.


I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and I had been doing so well! I got sort of addicted to Twitter and it seems all my writing juices have been filtered into it. I promise I’ll try to do better, but I’ve also begun studying to become Leopard certified. Not a monumental task, but the tests are very detailed – like stuff I’d never need to know in the real world.

As for the Twitter thing, I’m not going to explain why. If you think it’s a dumb idea, don’t do it. If you’re mildly interested, give it a try and either find yourself totally addicted or drop it like the dumb idea you initially thought it was.

I like it because it’s like a constantly updated IM blog. There are a ton of interesting people, some even saying interesting things!

Welcome our new Lego Overlords

Boing Boing Gadgets posted some images of a couple potential new Lego sets – one of them is a throwback to the old space sets, which is awesome. I can only hope they actually make the other one – it’s a tentacled, robot skull thing – see for yourself:

Lego Overlords

The above image is from Brickshelf – pure lego porn. Dang, there goes my day. I have spent many, many hours playing with Legos, both in my youth, and well, hey, I’m still young!