Electronic Arts will soon be releasing Spore by game designer Will Wright (creator of such titles as Sim City and Sims). Today, as a way to get people addicted, they released the Spore Creature Creator and it’s very cool. I’ve wasted (XX) hours playing with it today!

My Spore Creature

Meet Yarfla, one of my Spore Creatures

You can create creatures using all sorts of parts, body colors, and by stretching the pieces around to liking. Then you can move him around a test area and take snapshots! The full game will be much more complex, involving the survival and evolution of your species. If the Creature Creator is any indication, I can’t wait to see it!

I made a couple of different creatures and took some candid shots of them in action. Check them out! And then go download the Creature Creator, the demo is free!

Welcome our new Lego Overlords

Boing Boing Gadgets posted some images of a couple potential new Lego sets – one of them is a throwback to the old space sets, which is awesome. I can only hope they actually make the other one – it’s a tentacled, robot skull thing – see for yourself:

Lego Overlords

The above image is from Brickshelf – pure lego porn. Dang, there goes my day. I have spent many, many hours playing with Legos, both in my youth, and well, hey, I’m still young!

Giant Sea Spiders!

Skimming the internet today, I came across this video on a couple different sites. Since I was a kid, poring over my ocean picture books, I’ve been fascinated by the cold, dark, depths of the ocean. The variety of life is amazing to me. The giant sea spiders are so cool looking – beautifully symmetrical. For extra credit, see if you can spot the octopus!

From CNN:

Giant sea spiders are among the many mysterious creatures sighted by scientists in a search off eastern Antarctica coast.

Speaking of the Cloverfield Monster…

Check out this interview on one of my favorite blogs, io9.

[From Interview: io9 Talks To Cloverfield Monster Designer Neville Page]

What inspired your design? What sources did you draw from?

Well, once we had a direction the inspirations were definitely aquatic. Especially with the head. There is a very complex skeletal structure in there for eating, but you don’t see it at all in the movie or toy. Clover also has a complex breathing system and more than one way to eat. But, again, it is hardly obvious in the film nor toy.