More Waiting

I’m in my sixth week of recovering from the DAVF embolization – sitting around at home doing very little. The few times I’ve gone out, I’ve paid for it later with worse headaches.

I hate to complain, there are times that six weeks of nothing sounds dreamy, but I’m more than ready to get back to real life. As much of an introvert as I am, I miss being around people – I think I’m pretty much fully recharged at this point. I must admit, it took four weeks for me to rally start getting stir crazy. Though I was pretty drugged up for the first three.

As long as I take it easy, the headaches are tolerable. It’s when I try to do much of anything that they get bad. If I can find something to concentrate on, I can tune them out. I’ve been reading a LOT. I lost count of how many books and comics I’ve read over the last few weeks. Also, some TV shows and movies, when I can tolerate the sound. One thing I miss a lot is listening to music. There have been several new releases that I have queued up, but haven’t been able to listen to without pain.

I see a neurologist on Monday, less than a week away now. I’m really hoping that she can help me deal with the pain.

One thought on “More Waiting”

  1. Hey, jake. Man, this stinks! I understand about the stir crazy missing people stuff. Although our situations are totally different, I understand. I miss people too. It’s kinda weird how many people have vanished from my life since I was let go at hallmark. I suppose people simply do not know what to say to me….so they say nothing which hurts even worse. I love my 5 indoor furry friends a lot and my 17 furry friends outside, but they just aren’t the same as the pals I had at work. I hope your neurologist can give you some new insights to get this taken care of for you. In the meantime, I imagine lots a people have been giving you books to read. Do you need anymore? I have some I would love to pass on to you. Let me know. In the meantime..good juju good juju good juju, friend.

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