It’s the beginning of a new year; a chance to start fresh. All of the bad habits from last year can stay in the past. Whatever. There’s actually only been one year in my entire life that I actually followed through with all of my resolutions. My friend and I set some very specific, achievable goals and held each other accountable for them. At first I wasn’t even going to bother with any, I usually don’t, but as I thought about what I would want to achieve this year, I managed to come up with a few that I could deal with. So here they are, in no particulat order:

  1. Develop a thicker skin – I resolve not to let people get to me and make my life miserable, even (especially) the stupid people.
  2. 100 pushups – My wife and I have tried this program a couple of times, but some thing kills our momentum and we stop. Not this time, this time I resolve to trudge through the arms feeling like jelly phase and eventually reach 100.
  3. Second tattoo – I already have the designs of the next two chosen, I just have to get someone to draw the third one. I resolve to finally get my second tattoo.

That’s it for now. They’re nothing big, but they are very specific and definitely achievable.

One thought on “Resolutions”

  1. the thicker skin resolution…I imagine a box of band aids in my pocket and when someone says something hurtful, I slap one on. This visual helps me. Then I giggle inside when I see myself covered from head to toe in band aids after particular outings in the world of evil humans.

    happy new year !

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